In May of 2019 I graduated from Flatiron School’s Online Software Engineering Immersion program, learning Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, SQL, HTML and CSS. The curriculum is focused on ‘learning by doing’, so after each module I was responsible for building a project. Each project I built solved a day to day problem I faced personally.

Here are the projects I completed over the course of the program:

Daily Code Log

A Rails backend React/ Redux frontend web application that measures growth and tracks progress, learnings, struggles and goals with code.
+ Designed a database schema and configured ActiveRecord associations with PostgreSQL
+ Integrated React in order to make the User Interface quick and simple
+ Utilized JavaScript to create fetch requests to internal API endpoints so user can create and view Code Logs
+ Imported Semantic UI to give the application a modern and clean look

Link to Project:

My Book Collection

A web application which organizes a personal book collection.
+ Utilized Sinatra framework to build out CRUD functionality for owned books
+ Integrated “Bcrypt” gem so users’ passwords are stored securely
+ Implemented User Authentication to ensure users can only update their own data

Link to Project:

Yoga Private Client Tracker

A web application that manages history of private clients’ classes for a yoga studio. Different teachers can serve the client and know the clients’ expectations.
+ Built backend with Ruby on Rails, using Rails generators, RESTful URLs, and MVC architecture
+ Implemented Facebook Omniauth with Ruby gem Devise for a modern login User Experience
+ Improved User Experience by adding front-end interactivity using JavaScript, AJAX and JQuery

Link to Project: