Winter Sunrise

Although the sun is still below the horizon, her rays sneak through my blinds. The soft gray dim lighting of my room wakes me up. I am instantly excited. This means cloudless dawn is breaking, for if it were cloudy, I would find myself in a room housed in midnight, resorting to a smart speaker alarm to wake me up. I slip on my cozy slippers, which are strategically placed next to my bedside, walk clumsily to my east-facing window, uncurl the blinds, and see the preview of the morning’s sunrise– pinks, oranges, and purples hovering over the horizon. I put on the day’s outfit, bundle up and grab my camera.

At the beach I sit still which mimics the air around me. The sun begins to rise, bursting through the clouds. Eventually, the sun has nothing to shine through, it’s a spotlight in the vast serene sky over the Atlantic Ocean. The waves are kind and smooth. The sets deliver the sun’s sparkles and I receive prana, spark, and joy.

Taken 1.09.20 in Ocean Grove, New Jersey

Life is Magic

Finding a surprise friendly face is magic 🙂

It lives within the chance of meeting a new love
It resides in the bigness of how living can fall into place
It finds itself in the friendly face on the curtains when they are hanging just right
It erupts when you’re feeling grateful, open
It fuels the writer’s pen for the ah-ha moment
It is reintroduced when coincidences flow into the day
And if you haven’t seen it lately, fear not it’s conspiring
Because magic seems to find those who need it the most