About Me

My Interest in Technology..

While I was an undergrad at Penn State I knew I wanted to work for a tech startup. The fast paced environment, value on company culture, and progressive ideas are what attracted me to tech. It wasn’t until working at a clean tech startup that I started to become interested in code. The small development team at the company I was working for was building EVERYTHING– products, internal tools, our CRM, I thought it was so cool! As someone who has always been interested in understanding what’s going on “underneath the hood” I started taking coding classes on the weekends through Girl Develop It. Fast forward a year later and in May 2019 I graduated from Flatiron’s Online coding bootcamp where I learned Ruby, Rails, Javascript, React, HTML, CSS and much more! I’m excited to continue to learn and have a long lasting career in tech.

Evolvement as a Yogi…

I grew up along the Jersey Shore which has led to a love for the ocean, sunshine, and overall appreciation for nature. As a kid I spent my summers with all the other neighborhood beach bums boogie boarding, lounging underneath the sun, and digging for sand crabs. However, as I got into my later years of childhood I traded in my endless beach days for soccer two-a-days. My intense soccer schedule began to take a toll on my body.  To stretch out my sore muscles, my soccer coach suggested I take up yoga. I began taking classes at my local gym, and I was immediately hooked. I remember leaving yoga class with an unfamiliar internal feeling of peace and that “Everything was going to be okay.” One torn ACL later, yoga became my go-to source of exercise and since has been a sustainable, spiritual, and vital practice for my life.

In 2017 I decided to take my practice deeper and enrolled in Wake Up Yoga’s 250 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training. I discovered my own personal style which is gentle, calming, and nourishing. 

Other Interests

In my spare time I enjoy reading (memoir suggestions are highly encouraged!), writing, going to the beach, and going to concerts. I’m also a certified level 2 Reiki practitioner!