Winter Sunrise

Although the sun is still below the horizon, her rays sneak through my blinds. The soft gray dim lighting of my room wakes me up. I am instantly excited. This means cloudless dawn is breaking, for if it were cloudy, I would find myself in a room housed in midnight, resorting to a smart speaker alarm to wake me up. I slip on my cozy slippers, which are strategically placed next to my bedside, walk clumsily to my east-facing window, uncurl the blinds, and see the preview of the morning’s sunrise– pinks, oranges, and purples hovering over the horizon. I put on the day’s outfit, bundle up and grab my camera.

At the beach I sit still which mimics the air around me. The sun begins to rise, bursting through the clouds. Eventually, the sun has nothing to shine through, it’s a spotlight in the vast serene sky over the Atlantic Ocean. The waves are kind and smooth. The sets deliver the sun’s sparkles and I receive prana, spark, and joy.

Taken 1.09.20 in Ocean Grove, New Jersey