I Finished a Coding Bootcamp, Now What?

6 months ago I left my full time job as an Operations Analyst to pursue learning how to code full time with Flatiron’s Online Software Engineering course. I’ll write about my review on the program in a different post, but for now I want to talk about how I plan on moving forward on my coding journey. I can’t describe how good it felt to hear my instructor say I graduated. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and not solely because of the content. Yes, learning how to code is HARD work, but the more challenging part of the program was coming up against myself to move forward. There were times when I thought “I’m not cut out for this” or “There’s no way I’ll be able to figure this out” but as time went on and I progressed more into the program I started to prove that voice wrong. I had to make short term sacrifices (a reduced monthly budget, social life, free weekends and travel plans to name a few) but now that I’m on the other side it was well worth it. I have a strong foundation and have a clear direction with how I want to move forward.

I’m Moving!

A couple of months ago I realized my graduation time was coinciding with the end of my lease here in Philly. I didn’t want to renew the lease without a job lined up, so I decided it was best for me to move back in with my parents so I can do the job search from a centered place. It also doesn’t hurt that they live in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I’m looking forward to spending my summer at my favorite place, the beach! Another note: looking for a job while I was still doing my coding bootcamp seemed unfathomable for me. I wanted to focus on learning how to code while I was in the program and had the resources (i.e. access to instructors) because looking for a job and technical interviews are a beast of their own. Speaking of which…

The Job Search

I’m putting off the job search for a few weeks until after I move, spiff up my personal projects, and work on my resume. Even though I won’t be actively applying to jobs, I will still be working daily towards landing a job by…

Continue to Blog

Blogging has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my coding journey thus far. I enjoy learning in public and sharing what I know. It can be intimidating to blog as a newbie, but similar to how there’s always someone who knows more than you, there’s always someone who knows less than you. You never know who your post is inspiring or helping out! My goal is to post once a week!

Working on Personal Projects

I plan on styling my websites so they look modern and professional. Our project requirements were not focused on styling and design, so during project weeks I put those aspects on the back burner to focus on project requirements. I have some experience with CSS and bootstrap so I’m looking forward to the visually creative side of programming! Also, once I complete styling, I’m looking forward to deploying the projects on Heroku. Aside from existing projects I have some other project ideas in the pipeline to keep me busy- a tarot app build with React and Redux or a yoga class plan generator using Rails. My personal projects are built to encourage self reflection or to organize and simplify a task.

Continue Learning

One of the reasons why I decided to enroll in a bootcamp was because I needed structure to my learning. Now, with a strong foundation, I know where I need to improve. Currently, I’m taking a Udemy course with Stephen Grider on React and Redux which reenforces concepts I learned with Flatiron, but it also exploring Redux Form and hooks within React. From there, I plan on taking Udemy’s Object Oriented Javascript course. After that, I plan on taking Stephen Grider’s Udemy course on Algorithms and data structures in order to prep for interviews. One of the things that attracted me to programming the most was the limitless ceiling of learning, so I’m excited to learn more!


While I was in my program I had friends reach out to me about setting up websites and I had to politely turn them away because I felt like I was busy enough with being in school full time on top of having a part time job. This freelance work is mostly around setting up a WordPress site for blogging, similar to my own.

For the time being I’ll be working part time at a local beachy bohemian store called How To Live, working on my portfolio, blogging, and taking on freelance requests. Let me know if you have any tips for a recent coding bootcamp grad!

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