Music as a Mirror of the Self

I grew up listening to an eclectic range of music including smooth jazz, Bruce Springsteen, The Carpenters, and Alanis Morissette. Music always played in my childhood home. Bragging rights were often rewarded to whoever could answer the question “Who knows who sings this song?” first. The music flowed from being the topic of conversation to background music as my family of 7 would converse over the dinner table.

The constant of music has circulated into my adult life and influences the production of both yoga classes I teach and my personal yoga practice.

I hope you enjoy this playlist that reflects my personal style. I carefully selected songs— listen to the expressive lyrics, soulful melodies, and sweet sounds as you move through a yoga practice, house chore, or daily commute ride.

A culmination of soul grounding songs that have beachy, bright sounds intertwined with infinite possibility.

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